april 2 th

DIY: Colorful spoons-straws for parties


Sometimes a simple activity can lead to an entertaining afternoon full of games and laughter. This happened today at home. Daniela and me have started playing with a pack of Ikea straws and we have ended making these fun colored spoons. They were so beautiful that we make a colorful Chantilly to use them.

They are very easy to make and is a different idea, easy to decorate the tables of kids parties. Here you have the tutorial if you have one of these afternoons with nothing to do ...




You need 


Mini plastic spoons

Colored straws (IKEA)

small scissors






  1. Roll paper on the handle of the spoons to avoid leaving.
  2. Enter spoons with paper in the colored straws.
  3. With a scissors make small cuts in the top of the straw and then bend down.
  4. Prepare the Chantilly. Color with a few drops of dye you want.




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