Nectarine Crab and goodbye holidays


Hi!, I´m back with many recipes to share. Since I got pregnant I couldn´t make any recipe because I was feeling too tired. Now I´m about 6 months along and I´m feelling  better. I cannot wait to meet  Lucas in december.

Begin september and say goodbye holidays with a delicious recipe for kids, a nectarine crab. It´s very easy!


It is an ideal fruit for kids for its concentration of vitamin C which helps the immune system. Also regarding the nutritional aspect is a food rich in water and carbohydrates, ideal to stay well hydrated and giving us part of the daily energy requirement. Do you dare to try?  



 Nectarine Crab


1 nectarine

2 chocolate balls




1. Cut the nectarine at half. 

2. Place the nectarine half on a plate.

3. Use the other nectarine half to make the feets, antennas and claws crab. You can use a small scissors.

4. Put the chocolate balls on the antennas.