Oreo bicycle


Monday! , we start the week with energy.  After a relax weekend we make today a delicious recipe for the snack time: an Oreo bicycle, easy and funny snack. You only need oreo cookies, mikado chocolate sticks, melted chocolate and a small brush, easy?





 Oreo bicycle


2 oreo

Mikado chocolate sticks

melted chocolate



1. Melt chocolate.

2. Make the bicycle frame: cut three mikado chocolate sticks, one chocolate stick should be bigger for the bicycle saddle. Paste the chocolate sticks with melted chocolate and let them on a cool place until set (you can put them in the refrigerator too).

3. Now paste a chocolate stick for the bicycle handlebar with melted chocolate.

4. Last paste the saddle and the bicycle wheels with melted chocolate. 

5. Enjoy!



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  happy monday!