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Bisquick Sausage Ball

April 11, 2021

The origin of the word sausage can be traced back to the Latin word salsus meaning salted or preserved. Before the advent of such modern wonders as refrigerators and freezers people did not have an easy means of preserving their meat. Making sausages became a way of overcoming this problem. Many historians believe the sausage was first invented by the Sumerians around 5,000 years ago. The sausage was a favourite dish at feasts and royal courts in the Greek, Italian and Babylonian empires. It is the Romans who are most probably responsible for bringing, what has become one of our most famous national dishes, to our shores.


Different countries and different cities started producing their own distinctive types of sausage, both fresh and dry, using a huge range of different meats, spices, herbs and cooking methods. These different types of sausage were mostly influenced by the availability of ingredients as well as the climate. This has helped contribute to the wealth of different types that exist all over the world today. Sausages were traditionally made using pork meat and usually whatever spices & herbs were available at the time, however as the sausage developed over the last two or three centuries, both beef, turkey and vegetarian sausages have also become a regular feature in our butchers and supermarkets.

There are as many sausage recipes as there are inhabitants of this land.

Bisquick Sausage Ball (Recipe)

Sausage balls are a more than pleasant option. With bisquick as a base, you can add a variety of ingredients to make a basic recipe enticing.

Most recipes use the 2-cup bisquick area and the raw ingredients are mixed together. Some people cook the sausage and other ingredients first. Also, the preferred size is a one-inch ball.

 At its most basic, the Bisquick Sausage Ball recipe is:

10 oz grated cheese (usually cheddar)

1 Pound sausage

2 Cups Bisquick

½ Tsp garlic (optional)

Mix thoroughly, form into balls, bake in 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes or until done. Changing cheeses or using different types of sausage changes the flavor. Adding additional ingredients also adds to it. Fresh minced onion or bell pepper can really jazz it up.

Try adding tobasco, picante, or teriyaki sauce for a bit of pizzazz. A little mint or other spices will punch it up as well.

Cooked Sausage Balls:

1 Pound sausage smoke

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

¼ cup chicken broth

½ to 1 Tsp salt

½ Tsp onion powder

½ Tsp garlic powder

¼ Tsp thyme

¼ Tsp ground sage or Bell’s Seasoning (opt)

(Note: spices may be adjusted to taste)

11 oz grated cheddar cheese

2 ½ Cups Bisquick

Combine the ingredients, form balls and bake at 375 degrees for about 10/12 minutes.

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